If you’re undecided as to whether you should buy a specially built case for your Phantom 3, simply go ahead and buy it. No doubt it is worth every penny you’ll spend on it.

A quality case will protect your drone from damage while on the road, which is an absolute necessity considering most drones don’t come cheap.

As the proud owner of a new DJI Phantom 3, the Case Club DJI Phantom 3 Waterproof case is the first accessory you should consider buying.

In the rest of this post we detail the features that make this case a must-have accessory for your prized DJI Phantom 3.

Outer Case shell for Drone case


Build of DJI Phantom 3 Waterproof Compact Drone Case

  • The Case Club DJI Phantom 3 Waterproof case has a compact build designed to be easy to carry, measuring 21.7 inches by 16.9 inches by 10.4 inches and weighing slightly over 17 pounds.
  • It’s just the right size and weight for its purpose, which is to store and protect your Phantom 3 on the road. It is airline-cleared for checked luggage but not small enough for carry-on.
  • There are chances that some airlines will allow it onto the plane but this isn’t a given. The outer hardshell is made of polypropylene copolymer, a high performance thermoplastic material that provides the primary protective function of the case.
  • It’s an all-weather shell that protects contents from extreme heat and rain. The outermost finish on the shell is a dust proof pitch black coating, which seems to be the standard on carry cases of this quality.
  • The case has no rolling wheels but that’s not something you’ll miss since it is compact enough to carry in one hand. For added security, the case is equipped with 2 latches that use a push-button locking method.
  • When secured, the latches lock down tight against the rubber seals and there’s virtually no chance that the lid will accidentally snap open. Additionally there are two nifty key locks to ensure your equipment is never under the threat of theft.



Features of DJI Phantom 3 Waterproof Compact Drone Case

  • When you open the case, it’s immediately evident that it is expertly crafted to store a delicate item. The padding that lines the interior is the tried and proven high quality polyethylene foam that is durable and easy to maintain (simply wipe with a cloth to clean).
  • It offers excellent protection from shocks to prevent unnecessary damage. The padding is carefully cut out exactly right for the Phantom 3 models and accompanying accessories.
  • All the contents fit snug in their slots and will hold in place during movement. The main pocket fits the drone and is right in the center. The drone fits with the propellers on or off.
  • There are cut reliefs to prevent the propellers from being bent, in case you store the drone when fully assembled. This is a handy touch from the manufacturer as you will not find it on most other competing cases.
  • There are 6 battery pockets to the right, plus one on the drone, which makes it a total of 7 batteries that can be carried in this case. The second largest pocket holds the controller and is right next to the drone pocket to the left.
  • The accessory slot is sandwiched between the drone and battery slots. There’s another accessory pocket in front of the drone slot. You can use a plastic divider to split the pocket into two or leave it and fit a larger item. The pocket for extra propellers also holds one tablet of up to 12 inches by 7 inches by ½ inch.
  • The cover lid has a layer of soft egg-crate foam glued to it to provide upper padding and shock protection to the contents of the case when closed. Evidently, this case was designed by avid drone users with engineering backgrounds. Every little space is carefully utilized to fit your Phantom 3 and its accessories.

Daj Drone Waterproof Case


Durability 0f DJI Phantom 3 Waterproof Compact Drone Case

  • All materials used on the Case Club DJI Phantom 3 Waterproof case have proven properties of strength, performance, and durability.
  • The polypropylene copolymer hardshell is the same standard material on most high quality carry cases used to store delicate equipment in other industries.
  • The high grade polyethylene foam padding on the inside is soft but durable. Its chemical resistance properties allow it to withstand most common causes of rapid degradation. Keeping it from direct sun exposure helps to prolong its life.


Compatibility of DJI Phantom 3 Waterproof Compact Drone Case

The Case Club DJI Phantom 3 Waterproof case is compatible with the Phantom 3 series including the Phantom 3 Standard, Advanced, and Professional.


Warranty of DJI Phantom 3 Waterproof Compact Drone Case

There’s a worry-free warranty that comes with purchasing this case. However, detailed warranty information is included in the package after purchase. It is not available on the seller’s page.


Wrapping Up

If you’ve spent more than $1000 on a drone, it’s only wise that you buy a suitable carry case to protect it. The good thing is that you don’t have to do a lot of searching as there are plenty of options when it comes to drone cases.

Not every case will meet your needs though, so you need to prioritize your storage needs when choosing one. The Case Club DJI Phantom 3 Waterproof case is designed with the adventure lover in mind.

Built for rough terrain and extreme weather, the case offers good all-weather protection and it’s 100% waterproof. Its shell is heat and dust proof, ensuring that your equipment is not exposed to potentially damaging heat and environmental pollutants.

The interior is carefully crafted to meet current usability standards while providing excellent insulation from aggressiveness.

No doubt owing a Phantom 3 series drone is a great feeling but the Case Club DJI Phantom 3 Waterproof case will greatly enhance that experience. No doubt it’s one of the best Phantom 3 carry cases you can buy right now.


The Case Club DJI Phantom 3 Waterproof Compact Drone Case

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